Winter Is Here: How It’s Impacting Your Entrance



Maintain your automatic doors this winter with Ironstone Entrance Technologies.

As John Snow once said, “Winter is coming”. Well, winter is here to stay and your entrance can be the one that’s attacked by a blizzard.

Reduce The Cost Of Maintenance

It’s important that you plan for regular maintenance checks to increase the longevity of your automatic doors. The elements can damage aluminum surrounding the door including, thresholds and door frames. Not to mention, if your entrance is broken down, your staff and guests could be freezing while inside your building.

What to look for:

  1. Make sure your tracks are free of all debris including salt to ensure your automatic sliding door can move easily
  2. Try to find an alternative to iodized salt. It eats away the aluminum. This can leave holes for potential rodents to enter and escape the cold
  3. Check your threshold. The Canadian weather changes can allow for shifts in your foundation. If your threshold is lifted, this could prevent your automatic door from moving properly
  4. Listen for bizarre sounds. If you hear grinding, scraping, or chugging, this could mean your automatic doors are in need of immediate service

How Ironstone’s Preventative Maintenace Program Can Help

With Canada having inconsistent weather patterns for 4-5 months, we want to ensure your automatic doors are taken care of to reduce the risk of failure. Our team of AAADMs certified technicians will examine all entrances. Our technicians inspect all automatic door solutions including, swinging, sliding, revolving, and more.

What is a Preventative Maintenance Service?
What a Preventative Maintenance Service is. Ironstone Entrance Technologies offers this to all customers.

Your entrance will leave a long-lasting impression.

At Ironstone, we offer loyalty preventative maintenance programs to suit your needs that will save you money! All too often we see automatic door systems that haven’t been maintained properly. This can lead to costly repairs including blown guides, fatigued motors, and damaged controls that have been overworked due to winter elements.

With our 24/7 service, your business can rely on Ironstone Entrance Technologies. Give us a call to schedule your PM service.