Automatic Doors Can Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

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Who would have thought that 2020 could result in so much chaos?
Creating uncertainty amongst staff and customers, the pandemic was no help. But, this did not mean that your scale backs equaled shutdowns or that your delays were cancellations. Your entrance is what holds that long-lasting impression, even if your doors are closed for now. Keep your business in check with a how to guide on preparing with automatic doors.

Ironstone Entrance Technologies technician with customer
Ironstone’s Automatic Door Technician servicing a Hamilton, Ontario, Canadian Tire

Take the time to build a stronger foundation with automatic doors.

With COVID-19 weighing in on your plans, this could actually give you more time to complete certain tasks including, building a safe and secure entrance.

Sanitizing door handle to prevent bacterial spread. For example, covid-19

Coronavirus or other bacteria can live up to 3 days on a door handle

We can handle doors without hands! Hygiene is the main topic of discussion when it comes to automating your doors. Automatic Doors can prevent the spread of coronavirus by putting a stop to door handle contact. Many businesses have begun using touchless tools in public bathrooms, hallways, and even in parking lots. There are multiple automatic door systems that are designed to reduce the spread of germs and add safety to your employees as well as your guests.

Here are your options:

  1. Automatic sliding or swinging doors
  2. Keyfob and handheld personal activation devices which can be seen in apartment units.
  3. Wave button technology
  4. Microwave or infrared activation devices
Person in wheelchair using accessible entrance

Your business has to be Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act compliant by 2025

Think, does your business have doors that are not automated yet? Protect the most vulnerable in your facility. With fewer barriers and easier access, automatic doors can give your guests peace of mind. Now is the perfect time to automate your door as business traffic may not be as high.

Make your entrance 100% accessible by:

  1. Eliminating all entrance barriers for people with disabilities, including physical or social
  2. Creating new ways to follow the Ontario Building Code regulation
  3. Working with the community to establish an accessibility plan for staff and guests

Your doors may not be open yet, but when they do, you’ll be ready.

Dormakaba Sliding Door in Business

Automatic door installations have already increased due to COVID-19. Your entrance does not have to be limited as Ironstone can provide you with great automatic door solutions. In addition to adding an automated entrance, new relationships can be built that can ensure your guests feel at home in your establishment. By eliminating the spread of germs, saving you money by conserving energy inside your business, you can now rest easier knowing your business can function at its highest capacity.

Say good-bye to barriers that may keep you from reopening. Give us a call to learn about our automatic door solutions.

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