How To Choose The Right Automatic Door Operator


You have the business, the area, the opening but now is the time to choose what automatic door solution best suits your entrance? Are you searching for automatic sliding doors that can improve the flow of traffic? A swing door application with security integration? Or even a revolving door that can save on energy costs while maximizing your guest’s experiences. For each entrance, Ironstone Entrance Technologies can find a solution for you. 


Do you need your door to provide adequate traffic flow? The most common automatic door solution for high traffic areas are automatic sliding doors. You see these in hospitals, grocery stores, and retail locations.

City Of Burlington, Automatic Sliding Door
Aldershot Public Library

With motion sensors, they can detect pedestrians, responding immediately. Sliding doors are known for their simple field adjustments to work with your building’s stack pressure and even weather. The Dormakaba ESA series sliding doors provide a perfect solution. Ironstone’s industry experts can recommend which option will best suit your entrance. 


The most common automatic door operators are swing doors that are best used for barrier-free applications. Barrier-free is any path of travel throughout a building or facility. You can find these in bathrooms, front entrances of businesses in strip malls, schools, and apartments, and condominiums. 

Custom Swing Door Operator
Custom swing door heavy duty operator – with stand off application to avoid heat from sauna

Furthermore, Our team provides a product that can be retrofitted into most manufacturers’ headers. Dormakaba ED100 or ED250 heavy duty operators are ideal for this situation. By retrofitting you can save on time and material when in need of repair. That being said, doors made out of wood, metal, or glass, can be fitted to size to be 100 percent compatible with these operators.

Ironstones full range of automatic door operators also come with a wide range of activation devices and hardware. With touchless activation sensors, card readers, remotes, hardwired or wireless push plates, and more, we can make your entrance, your way. 

If you require drawings, specifications, and would like to discuss things further. Please contact Ironstone Entrance Technologies today.