As cooler air starts moving in, you may see a shift in your door frames, thresholds, faceplates, and more. This could lead to expensive emergency repairs that could have been avoided. 

What can you do you reduce the risk?

We recommend implementing a preventative maintenance program for all entrances at your facility. Ironstone offers these in-depth preventative maintenance services! Our technicians evaluate each automatic door repair that can save you money for the upcoming fall and winter season. 

What you can expect

Ironstone’s AAADM certified technicians will perform service and identify what needs to be repaired.

  1. EVALUATE signs of wear including the threshold as well as rollers, arms, guides, and the operator itself.
  2. TIGHTEN & LUBRICATE all rollers, bearings, and pivots if needed. It’s our goal to ensure all parts are properly aligned as the elements could lead to potential shifts. This could lead to your doors not closing and latching properly.
  3. COMMUNICATE with you directly about proper door speeds, sensor, and safety features. We do this to eliminate any chance of obstruction which could put your automatic door into error.
  4. REMOVE any debris from the tracks and clean the header in which the operator sits.
  5. REPAIR OR REPLACE any worn items found after the customer approves.
Brant Hills Library, Burlington, ON

Our customers usually schedule their first PM in the fall to ensure their doors are in good shape before the busy holiday season. Then, we will return in the spring to remove all salt build-up as well as to realign if there was any movement.

Benefits of becoming a PM customer

As a preventative maintenance customer, receive 10% off of parts and a discount on labour for taking the initiative to salvage your doors. Our team of trusted professionals recommends these services twice a year to increase longevity.

Schedule your preventative maintenance service today